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Paul Heussenstamm
A master of the sacred ...Explore Pauls many
galleries of incredible Visionary Art.
"We are all circles on the great mandala, and by changing the intensity of color, we clarify the fullness of each circle. Every soul is a circle with a unique combination of color and intensity. Each circle contains two individual circles with a delicate membrane between them".


Paul Heussenstam-"Emptiness"

Francene Hart

I am heartened to have my paintings and prints hang in the offices and sacred spaces of healers and seekers in far flung places. It honors me greatly to know that the passion and intention I put into my artmaking also touches their lives and serves as a catalyst for healing and transformation


Greg Klamt-"An Instant Past"
  Greg Klamt
I integrate a variety of traditional artistic media with digital painting techniques to create visual stories that I call Possible Moments in Improbable Worlds. I am inspired by a reverence for nature, a fascination with texture, and a great appreciation of the absurd.

Francene Hart-"Love Power"

Ever since I was a child I've been interested in the mysteries of existence,secretly knowing that there was more to reality than meets the eye. My dream life served only to deepen this intuition, as it was often filled with images of the surreal and fantastic. My early fascination with the Arts was surely an extention of this basic curiousity.


Erial - "Dark Cosmic Mother"